Course features

Thanks to all of you that took your time to fill out our survey on the sample lesson.

To clarify:  While the sample lesson shows the way we plan to teach the verses (p’sukim), there is a LOT more that is going to be in the course.  A lot.

Though many people made specific requests in the survey for additional features, I am very happy to say that many of them are already part of our vision of how the course will work.  Of course there is a limit to how much we can add, but here is a partial list of what we are planning (NO PROMISES YET).

  • A full pronunciation guide of all Hebrew letters and vowels
  • A link to a discount for our Instant Hebrew course, for learning to read Hebrew fast
  • A list of the most important vocabulary words from the lesson for memorization
  • A summary of important grammar rules from the lesson
  • A link to a 3rd-party product that will allow the students to speed up or slow down the videos
  • Archives of old lessons
  • A support forum with help from bilingual Hebrew Bible experts and the other students

Did I forget anything?  I probably did!

Are you excited about the course yet?  WE ARE!