Free Webinar: How to read and understand Hebrew

Good news — we are planning a free Webinar on the basics of how to read and understand Hebrew, especially Biblical Hebrew.

We plan to discuss the basic structure of Hebrew words, how to extract the root (shoresh) of the word, and then how to add back in the other word components to understand the full meaning of the word.

The webinar is planned for Tuesday, October 27 at 1 PM US Eastern time (7 PM in Israel).

UPDATE: I just got the registration link: I just sent out another message with the registration link.  You can register for the Webinar here:

You MUST register to participate, so please do so now as the number of places is limited.

Learn to Read Hebrew in just 2 Hours

Instant Hebrew is a unique online video course that removes a major hurdle to learning Hebrew — being able to read it.

All those funny Hebrew characters and dots make look daunting, but Instant Hebrew makes it all simple.  Just follow the videos in the course to learn all 22 Hebrew letters plus the Hebrew vowels, and the sounds they make.  Together you just have to remember about 30 different sounds — that’s not so hard!

The course includes a lot of practice time putting the letters and vowels together and reading them.   In fact, one begins to read Hebrew only minutes into the course.  One has permanent access to the videos so it is possible to review the material again and again if desired.

Just 2 hours is all it takes to begin reading Hebrew.  Cost: $37.  Check it out.

Your Questions Answered

Wow! I have received tons of emails from people with question and comments about our Hebrew Bible study course. I don’t think I have EVER received so much feedback about a product.

In order to make things easier for every one I am putting all the answers here in one place.

Question: I had trouble with the survey. Did you get my responses?

Answer: A lot of people had technical issues with the survey and I apologize for that. But in almost all cases we DID receive your responses, which are very important to us. And the problem has been fixed. I thank you for making the effort and I apologize again for the issues.

Question: What is the cost of the program:

Answer: We are still finalizing the pricing. Sorry. Please be patient. We are planning to go live this week (see below) so you will know very soon!

Question: When will the course begin?

Answer: We are trying very hard to launch THIS week.  We are working on dealing with all the things that need to go on behind the scenes so that you can enjoy the course itself.

Question: How long is the course?

Answer: We plan that the course will be ongoing.  As long as we have students we will be happy to keep teaching them.

Question: I live in [fill in the blank].  Will that make it hard to “attend” the course?

Answer: Not at all!  Our videos, training materials and support forums will be online all the time so you can access them whenever is convenient for you.

Question: What do I have to do to win the prize of the free 3-month membership in the course?

Answer: Just enter a comment on any of the posts on this blog.  We will pick one comment that we like the best and offer the person who wrote it 3 months for free.  BUT: you have to comment on this blog; your survey responses are anonymous so we can not use them for this prize.

Course features

Thanks to all of you that took your time to fill out our survey on the sample lesson.

To clarify:  While the sample lesson shows the way we plan to teach the verses (p’sukim), there is a LOT more that is going to be in the course.  A lot.

Though many people made specific requests in the survey for additional features, I am very happy to say that many of them are already part of our vision of how the course will work.  Of course there is a limit to how much we can add, but here is a partial list of what we are planning (NO PROMISES YET).

  • A full pronunciation guide of all Hebrew letters and vowels
  • A link to a discount for our Instant Hebrew course, for learning to read Hebrew fast
  • A list of the most important vocabulary words from the lesson for memorization
  • A summary of important grammar rules from the lesson
  • A link to a 3rd-party product that will allow the students to speed up or slow down the videos
  • Archives of old lessons
  • A support forum with help from bilingual Hebrew Bible experts and the other students

Did I forget anything?  I probably did!

Are you excited about the course yet?  WE ARE!

First Sample Lesson — Feedback welcome!

Awesome news: Here is a sample lesson for our new course. Please give us your feedback in the comments!

And please, please, please answer the Sample Lesson survey. It only takes about 2 minutes and it will really help us to help you.

Some important notes before you begin:

1) There are two versions below. They are identical, but one is Flash and one is a .wmv. Which works better for you?

2) In the actual course the video will probably be split up into 2 or 3 different parts, so one can do just the reading part or just the translation parts by themselves.

3) Some of the intro remarks are for this sample only to give you an idea what we are doing. We will move most/all of the intro stuff into a separate video in the course itself.

4) We are planning on listing selected grammatical points covered in the lessons in a separate video or file for easy review.

Flash-based (like YouTube; can be sped up or slowed down using the cool MySpeed Plugin from


Windows Media format (.wmv):

IMPT: Remember to leave your comments and answer the Sample Lesson survey so we can tailor the course to YOUR needs. 🙂